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University College of Applied Sciences holds training workshop on assessment methods in the activities of TAP project

The University College of Applied Sciences hosted a training workshop on using online tools to assess lower and higher order skills in 1st year large enrolment classes in the activities of TAP project “Transforming Assessment Practices in Large Enrollment First Year Education” that funded by the European Union Erasmus + program. Six participants of partner institutions in the project from the University College and Al-Aqsa University participated in the training workshop.

Dr. Mohammed H. Mushtaha, project coordinator of project in the College emphasized the need for concerted efforts of the project that aims to improve assessment practices in foundational first year education using technology options and to institutionalize formative assessment polices for large enrolment group.

The training presenter Mrs. Aya El-Mashharawi expressed her pleasure to participate in this training workshop and explained that this training is a transfer of the experience gained during the participation in a training that was implemented at An-Najah University in Nablus within the project activities.

This training gives participants the opportunity to spend two days maximizing knowledge of alternative assessment options for first year education by incorporating self-learning activities, which target higher as well as lower order skills.

At the first day, Mrs. Aya presented:

  • Course syllabus design In the light of the intended learning outcomes.
  • Identifying modern assessment practices including structural, formative and summative assessment.
  • Aligning activities & assessment methods with the intended learning outcomes.
  • Reflecting the course design alignment on Moodle
  • Use the assessment results as feedback to both the “teacher and learner” to enrich learning strengths and address weaknesses.

The second day allows participants to earn skills to practice Socrative tool in addition to the Moodle, and practice hands-on these online tools as supported assessment options for syllabus design development.

Ahmed GhorabUniversity College of Applied Sciences holds training workshop on assessment methods in the activities of TAP project