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UCAS conducted an info session about the newly granted 3EEE project

On March 18th, the international relations unit at the University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS) represented by Eng. Samah Mohaisen held an info session about the newly granted 3EEE project with the attendance of representatives of the college’s deanships. This project is funded by the European Commission under Erasmus+ projects strand 2 which is concerned with capacity building in the field of higher education. 

In her turn, Eng. Mohsaisen stressed that the significance of this project stems from its conformity to the new educational technology trends of e-learning environments and flipped approach. She also accentuated the integrative role of each of the deanships and the target units of this project namely developing the curriculum and the e-learning units into realizing the desired outputs of this project. She also encouraged and welcomed the contributions of interested academics and deanships to the project. 

Afterward, she delivered a brief presentation describing the project title, introducing the involved PS as well as EU partners, highlighting the expected assignments of each partner, elaborating on the method to develop practical courses involving the triple learning environments, stating the general and specific objectives and finally providing a brief description of each of the project’s WPs. 

A short discussion session followed as academics and deanships representatives were proposing certain practical courses to be developed adopting the flipped approach.

In the end, Eng. Mohaisen thanked the attendance and stressed their role in developing and contributing to the project’s success and the willingness of the international relations unit to incubate and promote such contributions.

Ola AzamUCAS conducted an info session about the newly granted 3EEE project