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UCAS launched HELIOS Career Day under HELIOS project.

HELIOS Career Day was launched at the University College of Applied Sciences UCAS, as part of the activities of the HELIOS project implemented by UCAS in partnership with Mediterranean countries, and funded by the European Union within the ENI CBC MED Program.

The celebration was launched with the attendance and participation of Eng. Ahmed Ghorab, Head of the Development Programs Unit in the External Relations Department at UCAS, Mr. Mohamed Tabeel, Director General of Employment Services at the Ministry of Labor, Dr. Osama Nofal, Director General of Policies and Planning at the Ministry of Economy, Mr. Alessandro Pernice, Director of the HELIOS Project, in addition to the operating institutions participating in the project and the trainees.

At the beginning of the celebration, Eng. Ahmed Ghorab welcomed the attendees and said: “UCAS is considered one of the leading institutions in managing and implementing youth capacity building projects in many fields, as it has various partnerships with international institutions aimed at enhancing youth access to work channels and increasing their opportunities of obtaining jobs in the local and international labor market, especially in the areas of the blue economy and the circular economy. Respectively, this event comes in the context of achieving these goals to serve the unemployed youth sector.

Mr. Muhammad Tabeel pointed to the growing numbers of the unemployed among university graduates and academic institutions, reviewing the efforts made by the Ministry of Labor to address the unemployment crisis by adopting integrated employment policies, indicating the importance of supporting remote work, supporting job seekers and providing them with small projects. As well as providing guidance and counseling service for job seekers and providing them with the job skills required for the labor market.

Dr. Osama Nofal stated: “We signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Economy with UCAS to accommodate the pioneering projects of the incubator and to provide exemptions for licensing fees for start-ups of graduates and job seekers and provided them with a decent source of income that secures their lives and their future.

Via ZOOM, Mr. Alessandro Pernice expressed his appreciation to the participate in this celebration which aims to help in addressing the social exclusion and poverty among vulnerable groups, by identifying the vital sector that has the greatest potential for growth and by providing marketable skills to networking NEETS to meet the needs of this sector through cross-border training and training activities, praising the cooperation with UCAS in this outstanding project.

Eng. Samah Hammouda, HELIOS Project Responsible at the University College, stated that the HELIOS Career day event was preceded by intensive training for 80 hours of training in the fields of blue economy and circular economy, with the aim of preparing the trainees and refining their various skills to engage in the labor market, as the project will provide an opportunity for on-the-job paid training for Forty trainees in a group of partner and friendly institutions.

With the start of the second session in HELIOS Career day, employment interviews for the project beneficiaries began with the operating companies.

Ola AzamUCAS launched HELIOS Career Day under HELIOS project.