wdt_ID Center Name Logo Service Center Manager Link Notes
4 Community Service and Continuing Education Center Community Programs; Capacity Building; Professional Training; Development Projects Saleh Abu Shaban

5 Communication Disorders Clinic Evaluation and treatment all types of speech and language disorders Raeda Al Wawy
6 Zaitoon Animation 2D and 3D ; Electronic Games Osama Ghanem
7 Job Advisory Provide graduates with an appropriate career counseling to bridge the gap between graduates and the labor market Abdallah Al-haddad Abdallah O. Al-haddad
8 Al-Mamoun for Translation Translation services to and from different languages to meet the needs of the community
9 UCAS GIS Center Consultancies, training courses in GIS, technical and spatial support services to organizations, ministries, companies and individuals through GPS devices, Total Station Mr. Amro Qarrout
15 Palestinian Center for Applied Renewable Energy (PCARE) Training on renewable system, Design and Consultation Activities, Testing, Certification and Accreditation as well as Energy Audit Dr.-Ing Mohammed H Mushtaha Email:
Tel: 0097082624999 ext. (341)
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