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TAP-Palestine team in UCAS organized internal meeting

UCAS organized internal meetings on 23-25 June 2018 within “Transforming Assessment Practices in Large Enrollment First Year Education (TAP-Palestine)” project, which intended to discuss the update of designing the targeted courses and its classrooms as well as the coordination for the upcoming local Training in Nablus within TAP-Palestine project.

Dr. Mohammed Mushtaha, the project coordinator in UCAS welcomed the participated team and wished them a successful training mission in Nablus. He also re-mention the project purpose in improving assessment practices in foundational first-year education using Moodle platform. In this context, Mushtaha emphasizes the quality and efficiency in designing the courses.

Dr. Ali El-khateeb, Mrs. Aya El-Mashharawi, and Mr. Ibrahim Abu Marasa discussed in details the technical problem they faced in designing the courses in Variety assessment activities in terms of type and in terms of requirements

Ahmed GhorabTAP-Palestine team in UCAS organized internal meeting