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UCAS in cooperation with UNICAL organized six days of training sessions in multimedia and information sciences technologies.

University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS) in cooperation with University of Calabria has organized 6 days training program in UNICAL, Rende, Italy. The training targets 18 of the high-level of academic and business enterprises in Palestine to expand their prospects in ICT business functions.

The first day (10 June 2019) introduced by Prof. Giancarlo Fortino, started with a short presentation of UNICAL history and its academic framework. Then he turned to focus on the main topics of: Digital Transformation to CyberPhysical Transformation; An Outlook to Internet of Things; From Physical Objects to Smart Objects; From Smart Objects to CyberPhysical Digital Libraries; Final Remarks and Future Challenges.
The second day (11 June 2019) outlined by  Dr. Raffaele Gravina in the context of Wearable Computing and its technology, applications and future trends. After the session, the participants visited the incubator for innovative start-ups of the University of Calabria (TECHNEST) to know more about its services and incubation approach.
On the third day (12 June 2019) Dr. Claudio Savaglio presented the transition from Internet to Internet of Things (IoT); IoT background; IoT systems features; requirements and development challenges; Supporting computing/networking paradigms and IoT development methodologies. After the training session, the participants visited the International Relationships Office and had a fruitful talk with its Officer, Prof. Gianpiero Barbuto concerning the academic mobility, scholarships and cultural activities in UNICAL.

On the fourth day (13 June 2019), Prof. Gino Mirocle CRISCI (President of University of Calabria) hosted the participants in his office, expressing UNICAL support to the project and cooperation with Palestinian partners. Dr. Ahmed Abdalaal thanked UNICAL for their courtesy and cooperation.
Prof. Giancarlo Fortino continued in the fifth day (14 June 2019) in the topics of Big data and iot base; big data processing and system with introduction of new programming concepts (spark, Hadoop,…).
In the last session (15 June 2019) Dr. Angelo Furfaro introduced the Blockchain concept and it’s technology and applications with special attention to Bitcoin components and transaction.

Dr. Ahmed Abdalaal, BITPAL coordinator stressed on the importance of the training topics in encouraging the academic and business leaders to exchange the up to date information technologies applications in their organizations to improve client and customer engagement and ultimately the bottom line of their businesses.
It’s worth to mention that the training programs within BITPAL project will be completed in Germany and Slovenia till the end of June 2019.

Ahmed GhorabUCAS in cooperation with UNICAL organized six days of training sessions in multimedia and information sciences technologies.