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CSC Launches Professional Diploma in Management of Development Projects

The Community Service and Continuing Education Center (CSC) has launched a professional diploma in the field of project management with the participation of distinguished elite trainers who have experience in the domain of management and development. This program aims to develop the professional skills of the participants in the field of project management as well as to enhance these skills in line with the local market in a way that ensures keeping pace with vocational and professional development through specialized training packages.

The program was launched in the presence of Eng. Saleh Samir Abu Shaaban and Ms. Mona Al-Nakhala from the CSC. In addition, the participants included Eng. Salah Tayeh, program director at the Islamic Relief Foundation and Ms. Haneen Abu Nahla, representative of the Belgian Development Agency in the Gaza Strip.

The program targets bachelor’s degree holders from different Palestinian colleges and universities who are interested in developing their skills and abilities in a vocational and professional manner. The program includes a variety of training topics that include the following: writing project proposals, fundraising, financing policies and strategies, project management and coordination, quality management, report writing, technical English language, leadership and creativity, crisis management, human resources management, and procurement management. It is worth noting that the program is divided into several training units where each unit includes approximately 20 training hours.

It is also worth mentioning that the CSC launched its 2019 summer training programs with the participation of different groups of the community. The target groups included different segments of the community varying between individuals and institutions, professionals and technicians, children, youth and women with special needs, schools and universities students, and graduates.

Ahmed GhorabCSC Launches Professional Diploma in Management of Development Projects