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UCAS Carried Out Series of Meetings with Local Stakeholders in the Context of Helios Project

On 10 June, University College of Applied Science (UCAS), the Palestinian partner of HELIOS project, carried out a series of meetings with local stakeholders towards reaching women and young NEETS. UCAS-HELIOS team visited the One Stop Shop (OSS) for employment and business services in the employment department at the ministry of labor; Gaza office. During the meeting both parties agreed to continue cooperation in the field of supporting NEETS. The meeting aimed to: – Take advantage for HELIOS project to benefit from data of NEETS available at the ministry of labor. – Sharing the NEETs questionnaire on the ministry’s communities. – Ministry of labor will support HELIOS training activities towards decreasing unemployment rate. The second meeting was held at the Society of Women Graduates in Gaza Strip (SWG). Helios team introduced the project objectives especially the Blue and Circular Economy (BaCE) training opportunities. The Society agreed to support project activities through a participation in selection and evaluation committees and increase the opportunities to reach unemployed women. It is worth mentioning that UCAS implementing several international projects, HELIOS is one of them funded by the European Union through the ENI CBC Med program, with the aim of enhancing the social inclusion of NEETs and Women in the Mediterranean area. The project will provide curricula for innovative targeted and tailored skills training courses oriented towards specific needs of the BaCE labour market and the needs of NEETs, based on direct interaction with local enterprises. This will be achieved through soft skills coaching and mentoring actions, as well as the creation of e-learning tools and methodologies supported by new technologies to facilitate skills learning for NEETs and women.

Hatem SultanUCAS Carried Out Series of Meetings with Local Stakeholders in the Context of Helios Project