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HELIOS local activity in UCAS Palestine: meeting Alumni unit

Alongside collecting data regarding NEETS, Mr. Hatem Sultan, and Mrs. Samah Hammouda from HELIOS team UCAS; the Palestinian partner of HELIOS EU funded project, participating in a meeting with Mr. Abdallah Hadad from Alumni Unit-UCAS.

During the meeting, participants discussed an important issue related to stakeholder management: identification of potential stakeholder and the plan to future engagement through the various stages of the project’s life cycle from selection of target group through training, internship, and platform dissemination.

The participants agreed on different stakeholder and plan to conduct different field visits to raise their awareness about the projects as well encourage them to participate in project activities.

It is worth mentioning that UCAS implementing several international projects, HELIOS is one of them funded by the European Union through the ENI CBC Med program, with the aim of enhancing the social inclusion of NEETs and Women in the Mediterranean area.

Hatem SultanHELIOS local activity in UCAS Palestine: meeting Alumni unit