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HELIOS local activity in UCAS Palestine: meeting Computer Department

One of the main outputs of the HELIOS project is to develop an Innovative learning tools. The proposed e-tool will be supported by new technologies (social media, vedios) and aims to provide the NEETs and women with the necessary online training in the field of blue and circular economy. It also aims to provide a common space for them in order to exchange, interact with enterprise and TVETs, social networking also across borders.

HELIOS team from University College of applied Sciences-UCAS; the Palestinian partner of the project, Mr. Hatem Sultan, Mohammed Mushtaha and Mrs. Samah Hamouda conducted an internal meeting with the Mr. Ashraf Qasas, Qusai abu Rayya and Ibrahim abu Marasa, staff of Computer Department. During the meeting, participants discussed analysis of the proposed platform and the development phases. They also explored the needed capacities of equipment and staff. It is worth mentioning that UCAS implementing HELIOS project; funded by the European Union through the ENI CBC Med program, with the aim of enhancing the social inclusion of NEETs and Women in the Mediterranean area.  

Hatem SultanHELIOS local activity in UCAS Palestine: meeting Computer Department