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UCAS hosting a workshop for coordinating TAP-Palestine Training Mission

AP-Palestine team in University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS), Al-Aqsa University (AQU), Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) and Annajah University (ANNU) joined a Skype meeting on 20 February 2018 to discuss the update of current and upcoming activities in relation to the preparation for Training Mission in Ireland within “Transforming Assessment Practices in Large Enrollment First Year Education (TAP-Palestine)” project.

Dr. Abdul Karim Daragmeh, Director of the Centre of Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) and Project Director mentioned that the project has been designed with the aim of improving assessment practices in foundational first-year education using technology options.

He asked each Palestinian partner to design verity assessment activities for two chapters for each targeted course in the assessment schemes of TAP-Palestine project using the Moodle platform.

Dr. Daragmeh (ANNU) talked in details about the types of activities designed to give the instructor and students a useful feedback on the teaching-learning process and the testing one according to the Learning Domains (knowledge, skills and attitudes).

At the end of the meeting, an open discussion addressed related questions from all participant from UCAS, AQU, PPU, and ANNU.

It’s worth to mention that TAP-Palestine is one of the most important projects funded by the European Union program Erasmus+.

Ahmed GhorabUCAS hosting a workshop for coordinating TAP-Palestine Training Mission