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CSC Holds DVV’s Workshop

The Community Service and Continuing Education Center (CSC) at the University College of Applied Sciences and the German Adult Education Association (DVV) held a workshop to identify and evaluate the training needs of the community center for adult education. The workshop was launched in the presence and participation of Eng. Saleh Abu Shaban, Head of the CSC and his deputy Eng. Abdullah Al Haddad, Mr. Mari Bashir, Director of the DVV in Gaza, including representatives of the college, community service center, and the association.

The workshop’s focus was on the mechanism and methodology of identifying and evaluating the training needs of individuals and communities through shedding light on the following areas: the society’s community center map, target groups, age, educational, social and geographic background, as well as community center structure, rapid participatory appraisal, institutional self-assessment of the community center.

The workshop included the concept of rapid participatory appraisal, as well as several other training topics discussed in workshops and other meetings, the most important of which is the historical concept and background of rapid participatory appraisal, its uses and characteristics, tools related to gathering information, time and place, practical applications in the context of community centers work for adult education .

It is worth mentioning that the College has signed a partnership agreement with the German Adult Education Association to develop the youth and adult education services provided by the college through the CSC.

Ahmed GhorabCSC Holds DVV’s Workshop