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CSCEC of UCAS Launches Summer Training Programs 2019

The Community Service and Continuing Education Center (CSCEC) launched its 2019 Summer Training Programs with the participation of different segments of the society. The target groups included individuals, institutions, professionals, technicians, children, youth, handicapped, school students, and university students.

The center offers its various services stemming from the community’s responsibility throughout the year through various community activities, ranging between the following: community partnerships, capacity building, community initiatives and projects, programs and training courses. Programs and training courses also cover different areas of language, management and human development, information technology, professions and crafts, community initiatives.

The focus of the summer training programs this year is on the variation between the different fields, the nature of the programs offered, and the target groups. It includes days and training grants in the areas of management and project coordination, job search skills, strategic planning, personal engineering and specialized training courses in the fields of freelance work, advanced Excel, and ICDL.

The training programs also include training courses and community initiatives in cooperation with the German Association for Adult Education. In addition, other courses revolve around a professional diploma in the field of project management which includes a distinguished elite of trainers with experience in international and donor institutions. It encompasses courses in professional skills in the fields of maintenance of refrigerators, washing machines, advanced Photoshop, maintenance of household electrical appliances, animation and handicrafts.

It is worth noting that the center aspires in its future plan renewal and variation in the field of training through the acquisition of regional and international membership in the field of training and access to the outside community through electronic training.

Ahmed GhorabCSCEC of UCAS Launches Summer Training Programs 2019