WAJD (4th year)


Status: Closed
Funding Amount: 180,000 USD
Start Date: 26/08/2018
Completion Date: 25/06/2019
Project Duration: 10 months

Short Description

The project targets a special segment, namely, the orphan students, a group that needs support and support in order to be able to join the community to ensure that they are better equipped to work and rely on themselves and to promote their integration into society to play a role in the development of their society. The activities that were designed through the project reinforce this trend. It is not limited to supporting university fees for students enrolled in higher education, but includes training programs to improve their skills, programs and community initiatives to support their involvement in the community, as well as supporting orphans who are not enrolled in higher education to start their work And their small projects by focusing on vocational and technical training programs, ensuring their success through ongoing monitoring and evaluation activities in the project.

Main Objective

• Contribute to support the orphans of the aggression of 2014 within the program "WAJD”, enrolled in universities, and middle colleges, help them to continue their education, and contribute to build their capacity to be active in their community. • Enabling young people to integrate into and contribute to the labor market.

Subject Areas


Specific Objectives

- Cover tuition fees for 50 students in institutions of higher education who do not have exemptions or scholarships and according to the program policy.
- Contribute to cover the expenses of books, stationery and transportation for 104 students of higher education according to available budget.
- Directing 44 young orphans and dropouts to vocational and technical training programs to suit the needs of the labor market and follow-up training and networking with the labor market for 44 of them.
- Improve the skills of beneficiaries in the fields of specialization
- Community initiative involving vocational training beneficiaries
- A soft skills program for students of the vocational training program to develop their expertise and skills.

Project Partners

Ahmed GhorabWAJD (4th year)