GIS for Community


Project Full Title: GIS Title
Status: Ongoing
Funding Amount: 136,115 USD
Donor: World Bank
Start Date: 01/10/2017
Completion Date: 15/10/2020
Project Duration: 36.5 months

Short Description

UCAS, in partnership with Al Banna for Surveying and Engineering Services company, implements 'GIS For Community' project. This project is within the Quality improvement Fund (QIF) and it targets the GIS diploma program. Through this project, the program will be developed through; developing the curriculum regarding to the labor market needs, establishing and operating UCAS GIS Center, skilling the academic staff and partners' members, financing graduation projects and implementing Internship program for the students. All these activities will produce qualified graduates who are capable to compete in the labor market. The project in funded by the World Bank.

Main Objective

This project aims at developing a comprehensive work based program “2 years diploma” in GIS specialty, which is an application oriented program through establishing a GIS community and training center (GCTC) that is well equipped with all devices and tools required for training the students as well as the trainees from the private sector.

Subject Areas

GIS and Information Technology

Specific Objectives

- Establish the GCTC with full involvement of the private sector which will contribute to preserve the resources.
- Review the curriculum and redesign it in accordance to the work based learning approach.
- Improve and Develop the Technical Skills of the faculty members and partners
- Build the capacity of program students through exposing them to hands on training and internship.
- Promote the innovation and support graduation projects for students that solve real cases.

Project Partners

Al Banna for Surveying and Engineering Services company
Ahmed GhorabGIS for Community