Status: Closed
Funding Amount: 60,107.00 EURO
Donor: European Union through Erasmus+
Start Date: 15/10/2016
Completion Date: 14/10/2019
Project Duration: 36 months

Short Description

TAP Project was implemented in the context of massive education which has recently became a common trend in the country. Accordingly, and not so surprisingly, and as university records reveal in the profession oriented programs – business, accounting, engineering, medicine and IT programs, the success and retention rates are usually low in the first year. The number of students in these large group classes is usually between 80-120 students per section. These numbers pose serious obstacles relating to running interactive sessions, individual learner attention and/or gathering timely feedback on instruction.
A survey study conducted by the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission in 2014 revealed that the problem comes from the lecture-based methodologies that are being used in these programs and the absence of any feedback loops on content or skill learner-to-learner feedback, teacher-to-learner or learner-to-teacher feedback.

Main Objective

The Project main objectives are to improve assessment practices in the foundation first year education using technology options and to institutionalize formative assessment policies for large enrollment group.
This initiative provides innovative solutions to the large hall education in the Palestinian context. It presents a working model for transforming assessment practices using technology assisted modules, a practice which has not been used before in Palestine and empowering learners by having them practice self and peer assessment in first year education.

Field Areas

Development Assessment tools in Palestinian Universities

Specific Objectives

The project outcomes are:
- 10 higher education modules redesigned across a range of professional degree programs.
- Assessment activities to increase staff efficiency,
- New assessment policies for large enrollment classes,
- National framework for large enrollment freshman education.

Project Partners

- An-Najah National University – (ANNU).
- Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission (AQAC).
- Al-Aqsa University (AQU).
- University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS).
- Birzeit University (BZU).
- Palestine Polytechnic University (BZU).
- University of Alicante (UA).
- University College Cork (UCC).
- Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava.
Ahmed GhorabTAP