Status: Ongoing
Funding Amount: 93,114.00 Euro
Donor: European Union through Erasmus+
Start Date: 15/10/2017
Completion Date: 14/10/2020
Project Duration: 36 months

Short Description

The i-CARE Project " Increasing the Conformance of Academia towards Rehabilitation Engineering " is funded under the European Commission - Erasmus+ program for three years in order to build the capacities of Academic staff members in the Palestinian Higher Educational institutes. The project team is formed from a collaborative partnership among six universities and two associations, four from Palestine and four from Europe, who believe strongly in the power of education and innovation to transform lives.
This project focuses on developing the curricula in the fields of rehabilitation engineering; i.e. Medical Engineering, Electrical and Control Engineering as well as Rehabilitation Sciences.

Main Objective

The project aims to raise and improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of academic staff member, rehabilitation professional, students of respective departments, and to meet the recommended standards by EU partners and experts in the fields of rehabilitation technology and sciences.

Field Areas

Re-habitation Engineering

Project Partners

- AL Azhar University – Gaza (AUG).
- The Islamic University of Gaza (IUG).
- University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS).
- El Wafa Medical of Rehabilitation Hospital (WMRH).
- Dublin City University in Ireland (DCU).
- University Rehabilitation Institute - Slovenia (URI).
- "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse in Bulgaria (RU).
- Bulgarian Association for Transfer of Technology and Innovation- BATTI.

Specific Objectives

The projects specific objectives include:
- To develop rehabilitation technology and science courses and improve academic programs to suit teaching of rehabilitation technology and sciences at partner universities according to EU standards,
- To qualify academic staff, rehabilitation professionals and students in the field of rehabilitation technology and sciences,
- To develop the curricula for four academic departments at the Palestinian partner universities to become adequate to teaching rehabilitation technology and sciences,
- To boost the practical performance of academics, professionals and students in the rehabilitation technology and sciences field and applications,
- To enhance the networking of higher education sector in the rehabilitation technology sector on the national and international levels.
Ahmed GhorabiCARE