Status: Ongoing
Funding Amount:
Donor: Canada Government
Start Date: 01/01/2018
Completion Date: 31/12/2021
Project Duration: 48 months

Short Description

She succeeds is a four-year project to economically empower marginalized and vulnerable young Palestinian women, ages 15-29. Despite having achieved parity with men in education, the participation rate of women in the formal labor force is just 19 percent, four-times lower than the male participation rate. Young women face gender-based economic and social barriers which hinder their agency and business development opportunities in the agriculture sector.
She succeeds will have a particular focus on targeted value chains and new green innovations and technologies for water and waste management, food processing, packaging and marketing.
This project is funded by the government of Canada, and is implemented by save the children in partnership with MA'AN development center and the Palestinian agriculture relief committee.

Our Approach

She succeeds works to advance gender equality and reduce the critical economic, social and institutional barriers that young women in West Bank and Gaza face in entrepreneurship, through the following three pillars:

She learns will focus on addressing educational barriers to entrepreneurship faced by young women:
- Building young women's key transferable life skills, technical and entrepreneurial, market-driven skills for MSME business development.
- Strengthening training programs in secondary and tertiary education systems and informal community based organizations, to create gender-responsive and practice-based learning environments.

She connects will reduce economic and financial barriers to entrepreneurship and agency faced by female youth:
- increasing young women's access and control of diversified entrepreneurial resources and productive assets.
- improving young women's access to gender-responsive, agri-based business extension services and incubators and linkages to local and international markets.
- providing seed funding for viable green innovations planned by young women entrepreneurs.

She leads will focus on reducing social and institutional barriers to entrepreneurship and agency faced by female youth:
- enabling young women, young men and gender equality champions in the community to identify and respond to gender-based discriminatory social norms.
- ensuring a gender-responsive, business-enabling environment by working with local and national stakeholders to address discriminatory policies and processes for young women's business development in the agriculture sector.

Field Areas

Agriculture, Entrepreneurship

Project Partners

Ma'an Development Center, PARC, Save the Children