Status: Closed
Funding Amount: 822,333.00 Euros
Donor: European Union through Erasmus+
Start Date: 15/10/2016
Completion Date: 14/10/2019
Project Duration: 36 months

Short Description

Main Objective

To adopt innovative orientation in teaching that enhance the thinking of the undergraduate students.

Field Areas

IT, Computer Engineering

Project Partners

- University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS).
- The Islamic University of Gaza (IUG).
- Al-Azhar University, Gaza [AUG].
- Al Aqsa University (AQU).
- Gaza University (GU).
- Palestinian I.T. Association of Companies (PITA).
- Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK).
- University of Calabria (UNICAL).
- Faculty of Information studies in Novo mesto (FIS).

Specific Objectives

- Defining the needs and priorities of local IT sector by assessing job-relevant skills and employment requirements.
- Developing career-oriented curricula for computer engineering, computer science, and vocational training in IT specializations.
- Building the capacity of the IT academic staff who will be able to design and use the new curricula developed in the project.
- Establishing a framework for a network of technical competencies in IT teaching methodologies and technologies based on a partnership between academic, professional, and official parties.
- Producing professional training resources, to enhance lifelong training in topics related to IT sector.
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