Project Full Title: Paralegals for Better Access to Justice by Gaza Community - Phase III
Status: Closed
Funding Amount: 140,000 USD
Start Date: 01/02/2015
Completion Date: 31/12/2015
Project Duration: 24 months

Short Description

This project targets the "Paralegals" speciality in UCAS to develop it and improve the skills of graduates through achieving the objectives

Main Objective

To contribute to support legal empowerment and access to justice at the community and grassroots level through paralegals.

Field Areas

Law, Justice

Project Partners

Palestinian Bar Association and other civil societies

Specific Objectives

• Capacity building of paralegal students on legal aid and practical skills
• Promoting the access to justice and the rule of law.
• Dissemination of legal awareness in local community and contribution to legal guidance.
• Promoting the law enforcement through advocacy initiatives.
• Introduce new generation of young, dynamic and flexible legal professionals who ready to serve the vulnerable groups and the marginalized communities.
• Support the operation of UCAS legal clinic and make them able to implement 5 activities including capacity building, moot court, awareness sessions targeting about 800 beneficiaries.
• Engaged 20 graduates of UCAS Paralegals Specialty in local labor market.
• Conducted awareness media campaigns to promote the access to justice and the rule of law in local community among 100,000 person at least.
Implemented at least one Joint activities with other academic institution . the topics for this activities will be determined in partnership with them.
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