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Building capacity for a sustainable-bright future for GIS sector in Gaza Strip

With the hard circumstances that Palestine lives with, investing in human resources is an optimal solution to achieve the sustainable development in the Gaza Strip.

In addition, the Geographical Information Science (GIS) is highly needed in the Strip, it suffers from a lack of the development expertise, equipment and approaches as well as, developing the potentials and skills of local technicians doesn’t meet the daily needs of GIS sector in Gaza Strip.

In continuous to its mission towards supporting and building the capacity of local community, UCAS GIS Center, has designed a capacity building program through “GIS for Community Project” project. This program aimed to empower and skill GIS technicians with the required knowledge and skills on building GIS projects.

The training course, entitled “Enterprise Geo-Database Management & Building Web GIS Applications with JavaScript”, targeted GIS engineers and technicians working in public sector institutions like Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Agriculture and Lands Authority.

“The program facilitated construction of GIS applications by using web applications in order to display the spatial data via these applications. Additionally, this course participated in training the trainees on how they can conduct modifications and retrieving process on the spatial data.” Mr. Tamer Eshtawi, Vice Rector for Planning and External Relations Affairs, said.

“This training program came in a time that the local market suffers from an absence of the specialists in web programming in GIS field”. Ahmed Alhalouli said, one of the project beneficiaries working in Lands Authority.

He added; “such course has heavily helped me in improving my skills and enriching my knowledge in spatial database management. Moreover, this course is considered as a priceless opportunity to develop the GIS Web application where I work. This will considerably lead to save time and efforts as we spend long hours in drawing and graphing maps”.

Improving the skills of GIS technicians means to achieve development and prosperity for the people of Gaza. UCAS GIS Center is ultimately working to put an end for the lack of GIS specialists.

Ahmed GhorabBuilding capacity for a sustainable-bright future for GIS sector in Gaza Strip