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UCAS in cooperation with FIS organized a training mission in Slovenia

Within the sixth training mission of Boosting Innovation in Curricula Development of IT Programs in Palestine (BITPAL) project, University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS) in collaboration with The Faculty of Information Studies (FIS) organized the seventh training mission in Novo Mesto and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Academics, representatives from private sector and Entrepreneurs participants from PS partner’s institutes and incubators attended the training mission that conducted in the period 24-28 June 2019. The objective of this training was to introduce participants from PS partners into different aspects of Technology Transfer and incubation in Slovenian System.

The first training day (24 June 2019), started by Dr. Victor Cepoi welcomed the group and provides a comprehensive description about FIS. The second session presented by Prof. Jasminka Laznjak from Zagreb university on the sociological aspects, innovation culture, dimensions of culture, knowledge of science and knowledge of economy.
On the second day (25 June 2019), Prof. Bill O’Gorman introduced lecture on Wiring technologies, Evolution technology, Regional Responsible Research and Innovation, Process of funding and Making a business model.


On the third day (26 June 2019), Mr. Sandi Rozman introduced lecture on document scanning, physical storage, and data capture. The second session presented by Dr. Victor Cepoi that highlighted the STEM Design and Computer Generated Algorithm projects. The day ended with a visit to Krka, one of the world’s leading generic pharmaceutical companies, Where the visiting delegation explore the history of their production and production techniques for medical products.
On the fourth day (27 June 2019), the participants visited Univerzitetni Inkubator Primorske (UIP) in Koper, development Center and an incubator of Primorska. Mrs. Lara
 Pirc introduce the UIP activities to support the newly established companies, UIP Competitions and hackathons, and numbers of the best entrepreneurial startups.


The sixth training mission within BITPAL project completed in Slovenia on 28 June 2019. On the last day, the participants engaged in a visit to the Academic and Research Network of Slovenia (ARNES), public institute that provides network services. During the visit, the participants learned about services provided through ARNES to educational and cultural organizations and the international connections with networks in other countries.
Dr. Ahmed Abdalaal (BITPAL Project Coordinator) thanked gratefully all presenters for their valuable information and expressed the importance of the training topics for the academic and entrepreneurs to exchange the acquired experience in their institutions.

Ahmed GhorabUCAS in cooperation with FIS organized a training mission in Slovenia