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Within E-Pal project, UCAS participate in SIG 1 & SIG 4 Joint EARLI Conference

On behalf of E-Pal project team at the University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS), Aya El Mashharawi, presented a research paper in the SIG1 & SIG4 EARLI Conference (The European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction) which was held from 27-30 June 2022 at the University of Cádiz, Spain; the paper entitled “A Holistic Approach to E-Learning in the Palestinian Higher Educational Institutions”. The research paper is part of a six-year project entitled ‘Equip Palestine with E-Learning (E-Pal)’ funded by NORAD, and is being carried out by UCAS and PPU in Palestine and two Norwegian HEIs (University of Oslo and Oslo Met University). The paper addressed the challenges and enablers for developing e-learning in the Palestinian Higher Education (PHE) sector, and examined how a holistic approach to e-learning can be conceptualized and developed.
Beside presenting the research paper, Ms. El Mashharawi was also a co-presenter of the collaborative workspace entitled “Technology-enhanced Learning in HE: Approaches to Research”. It contributes to the research on technology-enhanced learning in higher education in Palestine and internationally. On the sideline of the session, a preliminary communication has been maintained with the attendant academic researchers, so as to discuss fruitful collaboration on collaborative space for next year.
Further, Ms. El Mashharawi shared in the social program at the conference which aimed to let participants get to know one another, and to establish new connections outside the main conference environment.
Significantly, Ms. El Mashharawi stated that EARLI Conference has been a great opportunity for academic researchers from all over the world to meet and discuss in an international context.

Ola AzamWithin E-Pal project, UCAS participate in SIG 1 & SIG 4 Joint EARLI Conference