Project Full Title: Adolescent Empowerment Project - START
Status: Closed
Funding Amount: 800,000 NIS
Start Date: 05/09/2017
Completion Date: 05/02/2019
Project Duration: 17 months

Short Description

The project aims at empowering 3000 disadvantaged adolescents from Gaza Strip in the field of entrepreneurship. A powerful and well prepared training course will be provided to the target group in accordance to MENA Core Life skills framework. The beneficiaries aged 16-17 years (at least 50% girls) will be selected from 25 schools covering all Gaza governorates.
Alongside with the execution of the training sessions, we will design, establish and widely publish “PAL-Entrepreneur” page on the social media websites that is a platform for adolescents and young people to practice learned skills and offer and promote their innovative ideas through interacting with other local and international entrepreneurs. Moreover, the project will give the target group the opportunity to observe real life examples and case studies that will assist them to visualize and figure out their anticipated role in the local community. This is expected to be accomplished through organizing Gaza Adolescent Entrepreneur Camp.

Main Objective

Empowering 3000 disadvantaged adolescents from Gaza Strip in the field of entrepreneurship through a special training course to be designed to match their requirements

Specific Objectives

- To equip adolescent girls and boys, especially the most disadvantaged, with entrepreneurship skills to increase their ability to successfully transition to the world of work
- To implement 30 adolescents led- innovative entrepreneurial initiatives.
- To increase school teachers and youth entrepreneurs skills to teach life skills and entrepreneurship skills.
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