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Complex Task Approach.. the bridge between students and labor market

Possession of professional skills is no longer enough to engage graduates to the labor market. These days, it is necessary for graduates to have cognitive skills, life skills and high flexibility to enable him to continuously improve himself to achieve comprehensive development. Therefore, the University College of Applied Sciences  (UCAS) adopted the Complex Task Approach (CTA) in developing the curriculum of GIS program through “GIS for Community” project.

“By following the CTA in the curriculum revision and development for the GIS program, we aimed to design a curriculum to gradually provide the students with the required competencies that enables him to have a professional technical experience in his field”, Mr. Tamer Eshtawi, the head of the Steering Committee, said.

Through CTA, the curriculum was revised in cooperation with the private sector through the ‘Expert workers workshop’ and the “Verification workshop”. The private sector defined the complex tasks and competencies that the GIS technician should have to compete in the labor market. The complex tasks were defined and divided into learning situations that form the curriculum.

“The CTA guarantees that the students are provided with the technical competencies, the personal competencies and the social competencies that are necessary to help students to transit smoothly from the education to the work.” Mr. Shadi Kuhail, the coordinator of the GIS program in UCAS


Ahmed GhorabComplex Task Approach.. the bridge between students and labor market